About Us

Kids on Nineteen is a fully licensed, privately owned centre that is committed to providing quality care and education to tamariki aged 3 months – 5 years and at all stages of development. We are committed to providing opportunities for tamariki to develop a love of learning which in-turn will prepare them for learning later in life. At Kids on Nineteen tamariki will have the opportunity to learn critical life skills and to socialise with other tamariki in a safe, nurturing environment. We provide nutritious, healthy morning and afternoon tea, taking into consideration tamariki with special dietary requirements. We encourage and support whanau in providing their tamariki with a healthy lunch box.

Our Philosophy

At Kids on Nineteen Early Learning Centre we believe that all tamariki are entitled to quality education and care in a secure, trusting and positive environment.

All tamariki have the right to learn about their interests at their own pace that extends their learning and development alongside a team of passionate kaiako. Reciprocal and responsive relationships between tamariki, staff, parents, whanau and the wider community are encouraged and valued, enabling the centre to form close partnerships between home, centre and the community.

Through our programme planning and curriculum we will empower each individual child to learn and develop holistically through the centre environment. We provide opportunities for independent exploration throughout the programme and believe that supporting and extending each individual child based on their interests and strengths, will provide opportunities for life long learning , and a love of learning.

We believe all tamariki at Kids on Nineteen should be given the opportunity to understand as well as develop knowledge of the cultural heritage of both partners of Te Tiriti O Waitangi. We believe that fostering this philosophy into our daily teaching practice will provide opportunities and experiences for tamariki to grow as open-minded and respectful learners. We value and respect the importance of all cultures.

Meet the Team

As kaiako we value ourselves as the first and most important resource for our tamariki
Our Team